Every Seat (At The Table)

Hospitality growth through innovation & inclusivity

We increase hospitality turnover by helping operators cater more effectively for vegan & other special dietary requirement diners.

Chances are, your competitors are bringing in vegan, gluten-free and other dietary options to capture these lucrative growing markets.

Don't get left behind!


How it Works

Our team of experienced hospitality creatives can assist you to increase your turnover by improving your diners’ experience.


Get in Touch

Send us your business name and address and your current (or proposed) menu and we'll arrange a free initial consultation.

Menu Editing

Engage us to review and edit your current menu to improve your market engagement.


Menu Creation

We'll work with your existing kitchen setup  and ingredients suppliers to help you stand out as a dietarily inclusive business.


Full Review

Engage us to 'mystery shop' your entire offer, and venue, to optimise the experience of all your market segments, attract new diners, improve your reputation, margins, internal culture and operational efficiencies.

Book a Free Consultation

Book a free initial consultation with  one of our team.

"The new menu has proven to be really successful and the smoothie bowl you suggested is our biggest seller. I never expected that. Thank you.”  

Qube Kaffeine & Kitchen

"Thank you for teaching us about veganism and all your input into the fitout, menu and marketing of our business. We couldn’t have done it without your advice.”

Cheeky Bites & Rotika

“Our new gluten free and vegan cakes are popular, we’ll probably bring in more of these items. They cost a little more to make but they’re more inclusive and that makes people happy. It brings us new customers.” 

Sergio’s Cake Shop

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